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Agents: Zenlist FAQs for MRED
Agents: Zenlist FAQs for MRED

Information for MRED agents about the Zenlist benefit offered to them via their MLS subscription.

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Zenlist is a mobile-first home search tool that has been available to agents and brokerages in the MRED area since 2019 for a subscription fee; thousands of MRED agents currently use Zenlist to share listings with their clients in-app and collaborate easily with them.


MRED is embarking on a mission to offer its subscribers choices in their technology platforms. They believe agents should choose what works best for their business. Zenlist was an obvious choice to add as an alternative front-end MLS platform because of its already-strong MRED user base and robust mobile app. In Q1 of 2024, MRED and Zenlist formed a partnership which allows for all MRED agents to access the Zenlist Starter plan at no additional cost to the agent.

Why would I use Zenlist?

MRED wants you to make the decision on which MLS platform(s) is(are) best for you. In fact, you may decide that for your business, some combination of using Zenlist, ConnectMLS, or Paragon is best for you. The best way to learn more about the benefits of Zenlist is to take a training session and try it out! The good news is, for MRED subscribers, Zenlist Starter is currently included in your MLS subscription! Give it a whirl and watch one of our training sessions (linked at the bottom of this article). We believe that you and your clients will be thrilled with our robust mobile app and modern interface for listing search and collaboration, enabling you to work on-the-go.

So Zenlist is an app?

Zenlist is a platform available via both web (your computer) at and mobile app (for iPhone or Android). Whatever you do on Zenlist syncs across all platforms. For example, if you save a search from your computer, you can get notified on your phone from the mobile app when new listings match it! This allows you to do your work wherever you are, whether you’re at your desk or waiting on a front stoop for your buyer to arrive for a showing.

How do I sign up for a Zenlist Starter account as an MRED agent?

Go to or download the Zenlist mobile app (available for iPhone or Android) and click Sign Up! Select any sign up method. When prompted, select “I am an agent”, and then you’ll be asked to select your MLS (MRED) and enter and verify your MLS ID. Then, select the Starter plan and you’ll be in!

What is Zenlist Starter?

Zenlist Starter for MRED will allow agents to search and share MRED listings with their clients and will allow for one client app license. A client app license allows the agent to invite the client into Zenlist for deeper collaboration.

What kind of deeper collaboration do I get with the client app license?

With each client app license, an agent can invite a group of clients (for example, two partners purchasing a home together) to Zenlist to create a Zenlist account and be directly connected together. Once the client(s) is(are) on Zenlist, the members of the group can easily send listings in-app, chat among each other, jot notes on listings, and with one tap, a client can easily notify their agent about which homes they like or want to tour.
Learn more about inviting clients
Learn more about co-buyers

What if I want more than one client app license?

Optional upgrades are available for additional client app licenses. Both the Pro and Top Agent versions of Zenlist allow for unlimited client app licenses. Click here to compare the plans available to your account.

MRED covers the portion of your account that provides access to Zenlist Starter features. The cost to upgrade your account is only:

$39/mo - Pro

$99/mo - Top Agent

What if I don’t want to pay for an upgrade?

No problem! An upgrade is completely optional and MRED is still covering the cost of your Starter plan for you while rolling out Zenlist! If you want to share listings from Zenlist with clients who do not have an app license, you can share the “Public Branded Link” with them which will be visible to anyone even without a Zenlist account. This link will be branded to you and allow prospects once-click access to request more information about this property from you. Click here for more instructions on how to find and copy this publicly branded link.

I’m an agent who has already been paying for Zenlist prior to this new partnership. What does this mean for my account?

There is no change to you! You are on our Legacy plan which is currently most equivalent to our upgraded Top Agent plan. If you would like to be moved down to our Pro ($39/mo) or Starter (Free) plan, just message our support team! Click the “Support” icon from within your Zenlist account, or email Any downgrades to your account will be effective at the end of your current billing period.

I’m an agent whose brokerage/team already provides Zenlist to me. What does this mean for my account?

There is no change to you! You are on our Legacy plan, provided by your brokerage/team, which is currently most equivalent to our upgraded Top Agent plan. If you’ve been enjoying Zenlist, drop your broker a line and thank them for offering you the benefit of this upgrade!

Will I be able to see Private listings in Zenlist?

With this new partnership, Zenlist will operate as an alternative MLS system, which means the same data you can access in connectMLS will be available in Zenlist. This will include all Private listings for all brokerages in MRED. There will be a phased rollout: these Private listings will not all be available immediately; the expected date for Zenlist to have all Private listings is mid-to-late March 2024.

What other data will I get in Zenlist?

Zenlist has always been able to offer more data than typical search platforms, such as listings with off-market statuses (closed, expired, etc), virtual tour links, and an integration with ShowingTime. But with the launch of this partnership, Zenlist will operate as an alternative MLS system for MRED, which means that much of the same data you have access to in connectMLS will be available in Zenlist. Soon, this will mean you’ll also have access to attached documents (floorplans, etc) and Realist data. Many more enhancements are coming soon to elevate your MLS experience, so watch for our communications as we make those updates!

Can I enter listings into MRED via Zenlist?

Not yet, but the near-term plan is to integrate Zenlist’s listing add/edit function with MRED so that you can enter and edit listings directly from Zenlist! That way, for example, when you get a signed contract back, you’ll be able to easily mark your listing as contingent from your phone without having to wait until you’re back at your desk. Stay tuned for updates from us about this upcoming enhancement.

How can I get training on Zenlist?

We will be hosting a series of live webinars to review Zenlist's benefits and demonstrate the mobile and desktop apps.

Register for a live mobile app demo here.
Register for a live desktop demo here.

Watch pre-recorded desktop training here.
Watch pre-recorded mobile app training here.

What if I need help/support on Zenlist?

Message the Zenlist support team! There are so many ways to get ahold of our support team:

  • From our homepage, click the question mark icon at the bottom right.

  • While you’re trying to sign up for an account: click “Get support” at the bottom.

  • From within your account on web (computer): click the “Support” icon near the bottom left on your navigation bar.

  • From within your account on mobile app: click Account -> “Contact support”.

  • Email us at

During support hours (typically Mon-Fri 8am-7pm CT), you’ll be able to live chat with a person. After hours, engage with our AI support-bot Fin who does an excellent job (and has been trained by us!), or leave a message for our support team who will reply right away when we are back online.

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