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Agents: Chat & Share Listings With Your Clients
Agents: Chat & Share Listings With Your Clients

Learn how to chat with your clients and other agents working on Zenlist and how easy it is to share listings through Zenlist.

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What are all of the ways I can send a listing to a client?

You can share listings with your client by saving a search to their feed, sending them a chat message, or sharing a public listing link.


How do I chat and share listings with my active clients?

To send a chat message to an active client, you will want to:

  1. Open your chat threads. This is in the left navigation menu on a laptop or computer and the bottom navigation when using the mobile app.

  2. Then, click to open the thread where you wish to send a message or choose to open a new thread with a buyer or agent.

  3. Type up your notes and click send!

To send listing(s) to an active client, you will want to:

  1. Locate the listing you wish to send and either choose to open the property details page or click to "Select" the listing.

  2. Click to "Send Listing" next.

  3. Optional: Type a message explaining why you are sharing this listing or some notes about the property you wish to share.

  4. Choose which group(s) you wish to send the listing to, and that's it!

Pro Tip: When using the web application, did you know you can drag and drop listings into a chat thread? You do now!

How do I share listings with my clients who are not on Zenlist?

You can't share a listing within Zenlist if the client is not yet on Zenlist. You can, however, share a listing link to share with anyone you like!

A listing link is a public-facing URL with information about a listing so it can be sent to anyone! There is a prompt for any viewer of this link to "Request Access" to Zenlist via your account, so this is a great marketing tool to help grow your business and generate new leads!

To send a single listing link from a listing details page, you will:

  1. Open the listing detail page

  2. Click on the URL for the "Public branded link" underneath the property description

  3. The URL will copy to your clipboard so you can send it via text, email, or any method you want!

On the mobile app, you can send more than one listing by:

  1. Open the listing detail page

  2. Click the three dots at the bottom right

  3. Click "Share as public branded page"

  4. Then, choose to copy the URL or send it via another app on your phone (text, email, etc)

How do I chat with my team or another agent using Zenlist?

If you already have an existing thread with another agent, you can find that chat thread and continue the conversation in the same place you would with your clients.

You can also start a chat thread with another agent using Zenlist in a few different ways:

  • Start by opening chat and then choosing "New Message" in the top right corner of your chat threads. Search for the agent(s) by name and add as many as you like.

  • From a listing details page, you can click to chat with the listing agent of that property. This option will only appear if the listing agent is already active on Zenlist, so you know they will see it!

  • Using the "My Listings" tab (available in select markets), you can click to chat with an agent whose client has expressed interest in your listing.

  • From the "Agent Lookup" tool, you can find the agent by name to review their statistics and send them a chat message (if they have an account with Zenlist).

Note: Only agents can chat with another agent on Zenlist; your clients can only communicate with you and their co-buyers. We will never display another agent's information to your clients.

What is the difference between a search, a chat, and a listing link?

A saved search will automatically send your client listings that match the set of criteria. Sending a listing via chat or sharing a listing link feels to the recipient more personalized, like you've specifically picked this listing out for them.

How do I know which way I should send a listing to my client?

As a general rule of thumb, we recommend all your clients have a saved search. This gives both of you a good baseline to work with! It helps to ensure that your clients are sent automatic notifications for new listings and keeps them engaging with you on Zenlist longer and more consistently.

Then, you can utilize chat messages to call attention to listings you think would be a great fit or share additional options that may not fit within their saved search to show your clients that you are paying attention to the market.

If your client still needs to accept your invitation, the listing link is the best option to add value to the client while you wait and show them that accepting your invitation is the best thing they could do for their home search!

How do I find a listing to share via chat?

You can share a listing that you find anywhere on Zenlist! Here are some of the most common ways to find a listing you would like to share with a client:

  • If you have a specific address or MLS ID in mind, you can search for those details in the search tab of your account and send that listing to your client with a few clicks!

  • While running an ad-hoc search or reviewing a hot sheet, you can "Select" listings from the results to send in chat or open the details page to send individually.

  • You can "Select" any listing you would like to share from your personal agent feed or another client's feed. As you navigate from page to page or feed to feed, your selections will remain saved until you are ready to send!

  • You can drag and drop listings into your chat message if you are in the middle of an ongoing conversation.

How are my clients and I notified of chat messages?

By default, we will immediately send push notifications to the app on your phone for new chat messages! If the message is unread after 30 minutes, you and your clients will receive an email notification reminding you to respond.

You can also turn ON text messages or SMS notifications for new chat messages inside your Account Page, under App Defaults.

Where do I find the previous listings I have sent to my client via chat?

You can always scroll through the chat threads to see any historical data or activity you may be looking for. Listings that have been shared via chat will be grouped in the feed folder titled "Chat Listings," which looks like this:

Can I share the same listing or chat message with multiple clients?

Yes! When you select listing(s) to send via chat message, you can send this listing and message to one or as many groups as you like.

When clicking on more than one group, the listing, and message will be sent individually to each group so that none of your clients are aware you have also shared this listing with anyone else. Just be sure to exclude personal details, like names or references to previous conversations, before sending a mass message!

Can my clients send me listings and chat messages as well?

Yes, of course! The only difference is that your clients can only take action on one listing at a time, so they will send these to you individually, whereas you can send a group of listings at once.

Is there anything else I should know about chat?

There are a lot of hidden gems built into Zenlist chat! Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Emoji reactions to messages and listings

  • Respond to a message by starting a thread

  • Drag and drop listings into chat for a quick send

  • Rename group chats with other agents

  • Expand your chat threads to view in full-screen

  • In full-screen view, see a recap of the listings that have been shared in chat and their current state, like requested tours and saved listings

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