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Need help navigating the new eXp plan or curious to learn more about what has changed? Here is everything you need to know.

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What is Zenlist?

Zenlist is an agent-to-client collaborative home search platform that enables efficiencies by putting everyone in the same space.

Zenlist's highly optimized mobile app provides clients with the home search experience they expect in today's world, while putting the tools agents need to do their job right at their fingertips.

Is this just another Zillow?

No! Zillow's business model is based on generating leads for agents who choose to pay for leads, and they have a public search site.

Zenlist, very intentionally, does not have a public search, because it is not a lead generator; the focus of Zenlist is to provide user-friendly tools and functions that enable the agent and their existing clients to work together more effectively during the active home search process.

On Zenlist, agents and their clients will have access to additional inventory and data not available on public sites such as Zillow. It's like combining the information and tools you need from the MLS with what clients want from Zillow, and putting it all into a single place.
Importantly: Zenlist does not make money by selling leads to agents.

What is eXp Exclusives?

eXp Exclusives is a listing platform for all active and off-market eXp listings across the US and Canada available through Zenlist. eXp agents can now leverage being part of the largest real estate brokerage to selectively market their non-MLS listings!

The eXp Exclusives network is comprised of two parts:

  1. eXp MLS listings fed into Zenlist automatically

  2. eXp off-market listings entered into Zenlist as "Office Exclusives"

How do I sign up for Zenlist?

Need help getting started? Learn how to sign up and access eXp Exclusives, here.

I already have a Zenlist account, how can I add eXp Exclusives?

Learn how to add eXp Exclusives to your Zenlist account, here.

Where can I download the app?

Download our app for iPhone and Android here:

Does Zenlist cost me anything?

Zenlist is provided to eXp agents at no additional or out-of-pocket cost!

As of December 2023, eXp agents can upgrade from the free plan to the Pro or Top Agent plan. You can find more information about this in "My Subscription" under your account settings - or you can reach out to our support team for more information!

How do I enter or edit my Office Exclusive Listing?

For more information on entering or editing your Office Exclusive Listing, click here.

How do I search eXp Exclusives on Zenlist?

For more information on searching and sharing eXp Exclusives with your clients, click here.

Where can I learn more?

We're happy to help! Contact our support team through the "help" button in your account, or by sending an email to support@zenlist.com for any additional questions you may have.

Be sure to register for upcoming training webinars, here!

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