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Agents: Zenlist FAQs for SFAR
Agents: Zenlist FAQs for SFAR

SFAR and Zenlist have partnered to offer SFAR agents a robust agent-client collaboration tool. What does this mean for you?

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What is Zenlist?

Zenlist is an agent-to-client collaborative home search platform that enables efficiencies by putting everyone in the same space. Zenlist's highly optimized mobile app provides clients with the home search experience they expect in today's world while putting the tools agents need to do their job right at their fingertips.

So Zenlist is an app?

Zenlist is a platform available on the web (at and via the mobile app for iPhone and Android. To download the app visit:

Why should I use Zenlist?

Zenlist will put you and your client in a shared space during the home search process, allowing you to collaboratively search for homes, chat, write notes on properties, organize listings of interest, and arrange tours, all in the same platform.

It's also a great tool to use with your sellers to keep them updated on the market, jot notes for them on comparable listings, and to view activity on their own listing.

Your job as an agent becomes easier because of Zenlist's modern mobile app. Easily search for upcoming broker tours and arrange them into a schedule, input and edit listings and open houses/broker tours directly into the MLS from your mobile device (coming soon), have direct access to your client's home search activity at your fingertips, and more.

Is this just another Zillow?

No! Zillow's business model is based on generating leads for agents who choose to pay for leads, and they have a public search site. Zenlist, very intentionally, does not have a public search, because it is not a lead generator; the focus of Zenlist is to provide user-friendly tools and functions that enable the agent and their existing clients to work together more effectively during the active home search process. On Zenlist, agents and their clients will have access to additional inventory and data not available on public sites such as Zillow. It's like combining the information and tools you need from the MLS with what clients want from Zillow and putting it all into a single place.

Importantly: Zenlist does not make money by selling leads to agents.

How do I sign up for Zenlist?

All you need to do is hop on your computer and go to - click "Try for Free" to create your account or download the mobile app

Does Zenlist cost me anything?

For 2023, the entirety of Zenlist will be provided to SFAR agents as a part of their membership dues at no additional cost. In 2024, Zenlist will be available with a free tier and an upgraded/paid tier.

How will I learn how to use Zenlist?

There will be a series of live training webinar dates announced in the near future! Agents will also have access to watch recorded webinars at a time most convenient to them.

Zenlist also offers comprehensive customer support. Just click "on the support button at the bottom left of your screen on the web, or on the app go to Account->Contact Support.

Zenlist's support center offers a plethora of help articles with videos, photos, and GIFs to help make it easy for you. There's also a live chat option to chat with one of their in-house support specialists who are well versed in how agents work. You can also email for assistance if preferred.

Is Zenlist a new company?

No! While Zenlist is new to SFAR agents, it's been supporting tens of thousands of agents and their clients in some markets for years. However, SFAR and Zenlist recently partnered to make further enhancements to Zenlist that are specific to how SFAR agents work. So Zenlist, as you'll know it, is made for you!

How do I get help with Zenlist?

If you have not yet created an account but have a question about signing up or general information about Zenlist, reach out to the Zenlist team directly! You can email or go to and click the Help (question mark) icon at the bottom right to live chat with the team.

If you're already signed into your account, open the Zenlist support center to find a live support chat and a plethora of help articles. From the web, access the support center from the very bottom left above your Account Page. From the mobile app, click Account -> Contact support.

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