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Agents: Integrate your Zenlist Account with Wise Agent CRM
Agents: Integrate your Zenlist Account with Wise Agent CRM

Connect Wise Agent with your Zenlist account to automatically sync clients to your selected CRM.

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If you are using Wise Agent CRM, you can connect this with your Zenlist account.

Once connected, new clients invited to your Zenlist will automatically sync to Wise Agent and appear in your contact list. Below are instructions on how to set up the integration in a few easy steps.

For more integration specifics, view the FAQ at the bottom of this page.

1. Log into your Wise Agent account. Once you are logged in, select Integrations from the menu bar at the top of the screen. Then select Settings.

2. On the Integration Settings page, select API Keys and Lead Email. This will open that section, and once opened, you will copy your API Key.

3. Once you've copied your API Key, go to Account Settings > Integrations in your Zenlist account. Click "Connect" for Wise Agent, and paste your API key here.

4. All set! Any new clients you invite to Zenlist will be automatically synced into Wise Agent.


Q1: After the connection between Wise Agent and Zenlist is established, will this add my current client list from Zenlist to Wise agent?

A1: No. After the connection is established, Zenlist will send newly invited client contact information to Wise Agent. Any clients in your Zenlist account before the connection is established will need to be added to Wise Agent manually.

Q2: If I add a new client to Wise Agent, will they also appear in Zenlist?

A2: The connection between Wise Agent and Zenlist is one-way, and client sync only happens when the client is invited to Zenlist first. If you add a client to Wise Agent before inviting them to Zenlist, you will still need to create an invite for that client in Zenlist.

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