What kind of connections can I make?

Use Zapier to connect your Zenlist account to your CRM, social media, marketing software, or thousands of other tools.

Before you get started, be sure you are signed up for a Zapier account. Zapier is a third party platform that allows you to utilize the APIs from your favorite apps without needing any engineering knowledge. Think of this as a way to making one app (Zenlist) talk to another app (your choice) using the Zapier ecosystem.

There are free and paid Zapier account options. To get started with Zapier, click here.

Once your Zapier account is active, follow these steps to start creating Zaps:

Locate your unique API Key:

Sign in to your Zenlist account and navigate to your Account Page, in the lower-left corner of your Dashboard: Towards the bottom, you will see Integrations. Click that, and you will see your unique API Key.

You can then use that API key to authorize access to your personal Zenlist account via our app in the Zapier marketplace. Once you've done that, you'll be able to to trigger actions in other platforms based on activities that happen within your Zenlist account.

The Zenlist app in the Zapier marketplace can trigger actions in your other apps when the following things happen in your Zenlist account:

  • New client is invited

  • Client accepts your invite

  • Client saves a listing

  • Client requests a tour

  • Client writes a note on a listing

Popular apps to connect to Zenlist via Zapier

View a list of popular Zap templates to help get you started here. We suggest considering connecting Zenlist to:

  • Follow Up Boss

  • Contactually

  • Top Producer

  • BoomTown

  • HubSpot

  • Google Contacts, Docs, Sheets, etc

  • Slack

  • And thousands of other apps are are available to build your own connections!

Please note that while Zenlist has published an app on the Zapier marketplace, we cannot provide any support in using Zapier. For additional support with Zapier, visit the Zapier Help Center here or contact Zapier support directly.

A note for the technical experts: For further guidance, view our API documentation located here.

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