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Agents: Integrate Zenlist with Cloze
Agents: Integrate Zenlist with Cloze

A step-by-step guide to connecting your Zenlist account to Cloze!

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How does this integration work?

Client information from Zenlist will be sent automatically to Cloze, so there is no need to enter your client's details in more than one place!

This information includes:

  • The client's first and last name(s)

  • Email address(s)

  • Phone number(s) and,

  • Client classification, depending on your configuration

  • The client source will also be marked as "Zenlist"

Client activity will also be shared with Cloze! This allows you to see one streamlined view of the client's timeline, including all of their activity in Zenlist, and actions taken directly in Cloze.

These activities include:

  • Saved listings

  • Tour Requests

  • Notes

  • Chats

Integrating with Cloze:

For additional support from the Cloze Support team, check out their resources here.

Before you get started connecting your Zenlist agent account to your Cloze account, you will want to be sure you are signed in to both Cloze and Zenlist on your web browser.

Then, Navigate to your Zenlist Account Page, in the bottom left corner of your screen, and then select "Integrations."

This will now show your custom API key and a button to Connect Cloze Integration, click there. This will redirect you to a Cloze page to approve the integration, select approve, and wait for the confirmation.

To confirm the integration from inside your Cloze account, click More (...) in the bottom left corner, then Settings, then API Keys and you will see a list of your current integrations and Zenlist should appear on that list!

Note: Your integration will expire 1 year after the connection is made if it is not manually disconnected before then. To re-connect your integration after 1 year, follow the steps above.

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