Referring friends and colleagues to join Zenlist is as simple as:

  1. Send them an invite to join Zenlist.

  2. They'll sign up and start adding their clients with Zenlist.

  3. We'll send you both a $30 Amazon gift card!

Zenlist's Refer & Earn program is located inside your Account page, in the bottom, left corner of your dashboard. In this section of your account, you will find your unique referral code that can be sent to other agents as well as the ability to directly input an email address to send them an invitation to join Zenlist with your referral!

When you invite agents via email, we will send them an email that will look a little something like this, certain your referral code will be displayed to them:

From here, they can create an account and we will log the referral code used. We'll even offer to train them on the most effective ways to use Zenlist for their business! After their account's first invoice is paid, we will send you both an Amazon gift card via email.

Be sure to check out our Marketing Materials, here! You can use these to create custom graphics and emails to send out. Get creative and enjoy the benefits!

If you have been referred to Zenlist:

We're so happy you're here! At the end of your free trial, we will send you a $30 Amazon gift card. Please feel free to reach out to if you have any questions, or schedule a short demo with our team, here.

Once you've created your account, we would be happy to schedule some time to walk you through your account and make sure you know everything that Zenlist has to offer you and your clients.

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