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Agents: Bring Zenlist to Your Market
Agents: Bring Zenlist to Your Market

Heard Zenlist is awesome and want to bring it to your market? Let us know so we can add it to our roadmap!

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As an agent, team lead, or broker, if you'd like to help expedite the process of bringing Zenlist to your market area, please tell us more about which market you'd like to use Zenlist within and how many agents in your group might be interested in an account.
Fill out the form linked here to submit your request. If your market is not on the list make sure to select other from the drop-down menu and add the name of your market in the last box.
Share this form with any other agents you know who are interested in Zenlist. The more demand we have for a market, the sooner we are likely to launch there and the sooner you can make your work life easier and more efficient!

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