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Agents: Email Campaign Templates
Agents: Email Campaign Templates

Quick and effective templates for email campaigns that can be sent to your contact list, leads, and prospects using your Personal Zenlink.

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Ready to send your Zenlink to your contact list?

Communicate the advantages of Zenlist to your leads and prospects and get them to take the next step to start searching on Zenlist. Use this guide as a base to build your communication for your contact list.

Learn more about your Zenlink and how to get the most out of it here.

Example: Private or Coming Soon Listings

“Hi {ClientName},

I have a brand new search tool for clients that we'd love you to try! It’s a private search site called Zenlist. It's faster and more accurate than other public platforms, and you can search for thousands of listings that are not available to the public.

To learn more, request to work with me here: {paste_your_Zenlink}!”

Example: Collaboration Tools

“Hi {ClientName},

I just started using this amazing new search platform; It’s called Zenlist and it's going to help us collaborate and search in the same place. By joining me on Zenlist, you’ll be able to:

  • Access the MLS on the go with Zenlist's top-rated mobile app, with private listings (if available) and more detailed information than other search sites;

  • Save searches, save listings, leave notes and chat with me and your Co-Buyers;

  • Be notified for new listings and listing updates on average 5 minutes faster than other search sites;

  • Request tours with one click, letting me know how urgently you would like to see a property;

  • Search freely without paid ads, the fear of being sold as a lead or being contacted by other agents;

  • And much more!

If you want to give it a try, request access here: {paste_your_Zenlink}!”

Example: Great News!

“Hi {ClientName},

Exciting news! I just got access to a new home search platform--It’s intuitive, collaborative, and private (which means you can have an advantage in the market) and it makes it so easy to curate the best set of properties for your needs! I think you're going to love it.

To give it a try, request access here: {paste_your_Zenlink}!”

Example: Expect an Invitation

Hi {Client Name},

Thank you for trusting me to help you find your next home! To make the whole process as easy and efficient as possible, I use Zenlist.

I suggest you download the Zenlist app to your phone so that you have mobile access to all of our searches. Zenlist is very easy to use and gives us access to private/coming soon listings, new listings, price changes, etc.

On Zenlist, you can save properties that you want to keep an eye on, request tours with me directly through the app and leave me notes to answer any questions you have. Zenlist also allows me to move quickly for you, so that you never miss out on the next showing or property coming to the market, and keep our communications organized.

Keep an eye out for my invitation coming soon and I'll see you there!

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