Each client in Zenlist has a unique activity log that provides insight into their home search. In the Client Activity feed, you'll find information such as listings viewed, hidden, searches created, and more. Learn about the specifics here.

The Client Activity feed provides a unique opportunity to create effective touch bases with your client to enhance their home search and build your relationship. Below are example templates you can use to draft communication to your client about their activity.

Example 1: Reach out based on client's most viewed properties.

Hi {Client Name},

I wanted to get your thoughts on a couple of properties I noticed in your search results.
{{Link to most viewed property 1}}

{{Link to most view property 2}}

I also highlighted these listings for you, so you can easily find them when you sign in to your account. Let me know what you think.

Example 2: Reach out based on client's hidden listings.

Hi {Client Name},

I was browsing your hidden listings and wanted to see if there was anything, in particular, you didn't like about those?

I'd be happy to adjust your search criteria further based on your feedback so you don't continue to receive listings you don't like. Let me know how I can help!

Example 3: Reach out based on client's search criteria.

Hi {Client Name},

It looks like you've been creating some of your own searches, which is awesome! I did see that some of the areas/price/filters applied are outside of what we were initially discussing. Would you like me to adjust any of your other search criteria?

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