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You've invited your client to Zenlist, but what now? How can you reiterate the advantages of Zenlist to your client? Easy! Use this guide as a base to build your pre/post invitation communication for your client.

Note: Copy & paste anything you see in the guide to use in your own communications.

What is Zenlist?

Zenlist is the first private real-estate platform built for agents and their clients to search and collaborate. It includes, but is not limited to:

  • Private listings that are not available to the public (in select markets).

  • Advanced search capabilities, so anyone can search like a pro.

  • Cross-compatible mobile and web experience.

  • Speed. Listing updates from Zenlist are, on average, 10minutes faster than Redfin.

  • In-app chat messenger to collaborate, share feedback and stay up to date.

  • Request tours with one click and schedule right in Zenlist.

Introductory Email Examples

After or before inviting your client to Zenlist, we recommend that you introduce your client to the platform by sending them a message and providing them some training resources.

Specifically, you can pass along our Zenlist Experience video to teach your client about the platform. View that video here.

Introductory Email Examples:

Example 1: (Chicago Market)

Hi {Client Name},

I just sent you an invitation to Zenlist. Zenlist is a real-estate platform that lets you see listings before they hit the market. This differs from Zillow and Redfin because it gives you access to the Private Listing Network and provides you with a more extensive inventory of homes to view.

Here is a quick two-minute video tutorial that will explain this in more depth and teach you how to use the platform.

Just select Create Account on your invite email to get started!

Example 2:

Hi {Client Name},

I'm going to send you an invitation to Zenlist shortly.

Zenlist is a platform that lets you search and collaborate directly with me! You can request tours, chat with me, and save properties across multiple searches. Using Zenlist, you'll also get updates on average 5-10 minutes faster than other platforms, which will give us the advantage over other buyers because we'll be the first to know about new listings.

Just select Create Account on your invite to get started. You can also download the Zenlist app to your phone from the App or Google Play Store so you can browse on your phone!

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