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Agents: Migrate from Other Search Platforms
Agents: Migrate from Other Search Platforms

Enlist our team to transfer your active clients and their saved searches from another search system over to Zenlist.

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Worried about the switch over to Zenlist?

Don't be! Our tireless elves will work hard in the background to make this easy for you. We can help transfer your active clients and their searches to ensure your valuable time is spent wisely.

Bulk Client Upload in Zenlist

You can upload your list of clients in bulk by clicking the "Invite Client" button at the top of your Clients page and selecting "Bulk Upload" from the pop-up box. Once your list is uploaded via Excel file or CSV, it will send invitations to your newly uploaded clients so they can join you on Zenlist!

If you're having trouble doing it on your own, we provide a transfer service for your client list. The button to request the transfer service is at the bottom of this page.

Before submitting your request, please read the following:

Terms of the Transfer Service

1.) What we will transfer from your existing search system to Zenlist on your behalf:

  • Basic contact information (name, email, phone) for any clients who have an active saved search/alert in that platform and have looked at at least 1 listing in the past 30 days, for a maximum of 10 clients. Please note: Clients MUST have an email address in your existing system to be transferred

  • The saved searches/alerts for these clients in your existing platform will be manually transferred as Saved Searches in Zenlist.

2.) We make our best judgment where necessary when search filters in your existing system are not the same as search filters in Zenlist. This includes doing our best to manually draw any hand-drawn search boundaries to match the original search as closely as possible.

3.) For saved alerts that have a name equal to the Client's name in your existing system, we rename the search based on general search parameters. This is the recommended method within Zenlist since the search will already be attached to that client. (E.g., a search named "John Smith Home Search Glenview" will be renamed "Home Search Glenview" and will be attached to John Smith.)

4.) For any clients in your existing system that are added as two people (E.g., Steve and John Smith) but under a single email address, we will add the first person only. We recommend that you go into Zenlist later and add the second person as a co-buyer with their own email address. More on how to do this here.

5.) We do not transfer any additional data such as "favorites," messages or notes, likes/dislikes, activity history, or others.

6.) To perform this service for you, we will need you to provide us with your login credentials (username and password) to access your existing search platform. We will be accessing your accounts (existing service and Zenlist) to provide this service.

IMPORTANT: Please notify your active clients that you will be inviting them to Zenlist before you submit a transfer request to us. They will receive an invitation email and text (if a phone number is entered), inviting them to join Zenlist once we add them to your Zenlist account.

RECOMMENDED: If possible, we recommend that you save an export of your client details from your existing system for your historical tracking and reference before you close your other account.

REQUIRED: For us to begin your transfer after submitting the formal request, we do require you to complete an onboarding session with our team so we can review the terms of the transfer with you.

TIMEFRAME: Usually, we can complete the request within a week, but we will reach out to you with an estimated completion time.

To request the transfer service, first, complete an onboarding/training session with us in the form of a 1-on-1 or office/webinar training. Then, click the button below and fill out the form:

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